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My story

So…this is my story about my hair implant with DHI London.

I  started to lose my hair when I was about 26 (i mean at that age it started to become visible and really making a concern).



In 2009 at the age of 33, I started to use minoxidil and I started to see some improvements. Next picture is with 4 months before the procedure.



But I wanted to do more and so I started to google for a reliable hair implant procedure. After researching done I said I want to have the FUE technique as I said if something is going wrong and need to keep the hair short at least I don’t have any scares at the back. So I found the website of DHI London where I have seen some pictures with the results(some pictures from 2010 from their website I found also in 2014 claiming that they been 1 year old:)))) and read about their technique which I found it the most advanced.

I  have called them and booked an appointment for a consultation. I went there and been told that I will need a procedure which will cost me 3000 euros. I was thinking: nice! is even better because 3.000 euros is less than 3.000 pounds….but after the procedure, I just found out I still need to pay 3.000 pounds.

Now let me tell you about the procedure day. I went there as I remember at 9:00 am.I have been told that the procedure is going to last about 5 hours and I been presented to the technician (doctor) and his assistant(nurse). Also, they told we that around noon we gonna have lunch and been asked if I am a vegetarian. So I started to feel posh:P just to realize later that the lunch was a triangle sandwich from M&S and a bottle of juice,but I didn’t pay attention to this as I was there for something else. Now, after the lunch I thought is no more time left from those 5 hours so let’s go back. But…I just realized I was far from the end …now I know that my hair when it was long it was curly so maybe that was the reason it was hard to extract because I started to “see”(feel) that the technician is struggling with that. What started to concern me it was when I heard the nurse saying: We need to have more confidence in us!..and at that moment I was like: Wow! they are not doing this for a long time!.  As time was longer than anticipated I had more anesthetic and later on, someone came into the room and started to show him how to do the extraction. And that guy just did it in the harshest way possible. As the evening was coming soon and they started to plant the hairs I heard the doctor asking the nurse for doubles and triples…and hearing the nurse so surprised and asking him back: double and triples?? like it was something unusual. The procedure ended at around 17:00, a few hours later than expected. And this is how it looked that evening.



They claim that you can go to work after few days… I am asking many of you would go like this in public?

They also claim that the recovery is gonna be fast….pfff…let me tell you about the pain I had on the back of the head where the hair was removed and I had them for more than two weeks….so if you gonna do the procedure just be aware about that as it looks like the omit to tell you that. And you can see from the next picture why it was painful.


From the next pictures, I tried to count the numbers of follicles you can see… I had approximately. 684 removed from the back and just approximately. 487 implanted so around 200 lost not to tell that as I know when they remove the hair from the back some of them are doubles. Let’s say 500 implanted with £3.000= £6/hair!!








One month after the procedure:



The results after 1 year and £3.000 spent is this!




Now, of course, I have been to consultations after 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. and every time I been there I have asked: where are the results??? Before one year I been told that I need to wait 1 year to really see the results and they were keep telling me after checked with the microscope what good results I got and that the hair is growing nice back. Ok…is growing, but where are naked eye results I have been expecting ?? At the last consultation I have been, they told me that I need a mega session and they gonna do it half price for me. Seriously??? I have done a normal session when I wasn’t told that I need a mega session and now you want me to still come to you after I have this results from you??? Let’s take it this way: you have a noisy engine on your car and you want to repair it, you go to a good advertised mechanic and he tells you that your engine needs a 3.000 repair. After he done the repair you realize that your engine is nearly on the same state as before the procedure and you go back to him just to find out that he wants now 9.000, but hey! just for you 4.500! Would you go to the same mechanic to give him another 4.500 after he failed to do the 3.000 job! Not to tell you that the hair removed from the back is lost forever even if you go now to a more professional doctor still don’t have that much hair on the back as a donor.

In few words: this is the only thing I regret in my life!